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What is “Insert Name Here”?

Insert Name Here is a Podcast about Pop Culture by two dudes that know the subject pretty well, and one that clearly doesn’t.

The “dudes” in question are Toby, Luke (the knowledgeable ones) and Ron (the wild card).

It all started with a drunken conversation between Luke and Ron, and a separate conversation between Toby and Ron, about wanting to start a podcast. After some time of repeating the same conversation over and over, Ron decided to get the two others together, and so he did and the trio met up for some drinks and a chat.

The “chat” started as a to-the-point meeting of sorts, but in typical fashion, what you’ve come to know of them became apparent, the alcohol flowed and conversations were derailed. After that they decided to form like Voltron to create “Insert Name Here”.

They get together once a week to discuss anything from Geek culture news to answering listener submitted questions, and everything in between. So join them, won’t you? As they stroll through the uneven terrain of “Nerdity and Absurdity”.