Dan's dirty question.

On episode "0019 - Eat Cleaner with Derek and Tina" we answered a very bizarre question from a Hero, Dans. We said we'd throw up his email, so here it is. We're nothing if not reliable... Right? Enjoy.


"Hi motherfunkers,

Long time listener, second time nutting in your knicker drawers.

Thank you for answering my question the other week about the Batman vs. Iron Man fight. I apologise for not pre-stating all the rules like: if they’d have access to vehicles and; what suits etc. How silly of me not to think of such things!

With that in mind, I have a new question for you.


Who would win in a fight? Three whiny podcast bitches in various states of health and ever changing haircuts, OR three tweens fresh from their first bleed and suffering from new booby pain?

PRECIOUS RULES: The whole fight is set in a gymnasium, doors locked and empty of all goods.

You guys can select one weapon each. So, who would have what? There is one regular broom with stiff bristles, one set of plastic hulk smash gloves and one pair of roller blades with actual blades on the front and back, and you’re all just in your pants.

The girlies are dressed in light armour that look like comfy pj’s but with no headgear, and have swirly-twirly used tampons, and an unlimited supply at that. However, as the fight begins they combine in to one huge pre-teen with the strength of three pre-teens, and really massive blob dirty cottons to luzz at you. But, she’s slow.


And, good luck.

Peace. ”


As you can tell by listening to the episode, we enjoyed the bizarreness of this question and had a giggle with it, we hope you did to. 

Thanks for looking, 

Insert Name Here.