Old Action Star Superheroes

So on episode 22, we were asked what 80’s or 90’s action stars would play which Superheroes in our ideal worlds. We went away to make a list, and a list was made.

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Wolverine

Kurt Russel as Punisher

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Thor

Chuck Norris as Captain America

Sylvester Stallone as Hulk

Steven Seagal as The Mandarin

Tom Selleck as Iron man

Carl Weathers as Nick Fury

Michael Dudikoff as Iron Fist

Bruce Willis as Professor X

Corey Haim as Spider-Man

Patrick Swayze as Daredevil

and finally, Eddie Murphy as Deadpool

Hope you enjoy browsing through the dopey images that Ron poorly made using Photoshop, he clearly has too much time on his hands…